Green Power Juicer

The Green Power Juicer is considered the gold standard of juicers.  It was voted number 1 in the Choice Awards for the best juicer.  It’s most recent line is known as the Hippocrates.  It is noted for the magnetic twin gears.  It can produce enough juice for a whole family for one day in one juicing session.

Everyone is talking about juicing and the health related benefits. And they talk about the different types of juicing.  Some want to turn fruits and vegetables into a juice to drink.  This is a great idea if you are on the go and don’t have time to get fruits and vegetables into your diet.  However, you must realize that when you juice a piece of fruit or vegetable a lot of the fiber properties are taken away.  And then again others say with juicing the benefits are that vitamins and minerals are liquefied and are absorbed more easily into your system. Another type of popular juicing is the “green drink”.   A lot of people use this to cleanse their system and as an aid in dieting.  Others use it believing it has potent medical properties.

Whatever your reason is for juicing, realize that there are huge differences in juicers and in the results they produce.  It would be great to have a store where they mix the same ingredients in different juicers so you could see the differences in the outcome. Too bad nobody has thought of that.

The Green Power Hippocrates GPT- E 1303 is basically a remake of the Kempo KP-E 1302.  This is an amazing machine.  It also doubles as a food processor.  You can make frozen fruit ice creams, nut butters, purees, and much more.  It extracts the highest yield from the largest number of fruits and vegetables, including wheat grass and leafy greens. The Hippo Plus GPT-1305 is considered the world’s best two gear juicer.  It can even juice pomegranates.

The Kempo Juicer KP-E1304 has bio ceramic and magnetic gears that increase the life and vitality of the juice.  There is also a Multi-Purpose Options kit for this series of juicers which includes specialized fruit parts for making a wide range of exceptional juices.  The twin gears produce easier and faster juicing and have been improved for longer life.  The feeding chute as been improved for easier installation and removing.  There is also a new design on the face plate for better juice containment.

Green Power is an internationally recognized company that has won awards all over the world.  Some claim that the juice produced by this juicer is sweeter, smoother, and more delicious.  The twin gears are responsible for this advancement.  They increase the mineral content of the juice causing it to be sweeter. People that believe in the benefits of juicing wheat grass find it difficult to find a juicer than doesn’t produce foam.  This series was developed with that in mind and they have worked to correct it.   It is also smaller and lighter than some of the other leading brands. It is also praised for a quick and easy clean up using a specially designed brush that is included.  On top of all that, it has a 12 year warranty.

If you are into juicing, the green power juicer is a must have product. The price is worth every penny. It is an appliance that will give you years of service with little maintenance.